Want to play truth & dare but don't have a bottle to spin? Or want to pick a guy out of your squad for the random dare but don't want any partiality. We got you covered. You don't have to rush through your kitchen, this online wheel of name can easily do your job without making you leave your comfort zone. With this easy wheel spinner tool, you can do much more than just random predictions. You can enter the name of all the students of your batch, and pick a random name out of it for the presentation. Or simply spin the wheel to decide who's going to pay for today's dining. The result would be random and there will be no algorithm that anybody can crack in easy minutes. So, you should give this tool a chance for entertainment purposes.

It's a tool website that offers a variety of spins-related solutions, for example, you can leave your decision on random spins to let it decide the output for you. Let's take an example to understand it better, suppose you're in a crew of 5 members, and playing truth and dare. It's hard to find a bottle and spin it on the flat surface every time. Instead, enter all your friends' names into this wheel of name tool and spin it. The tool will randomly pick a name and you can begin playing your game. Easy hacks right? You can do much more than that because this wheel spinner tool has a bunch of extra for everyone. You'll get to know the advanced features when you get used to them. For now, let's take a look over some of its highlighted features that you don't want to miss out on.

All these features are available on this when generator, more is yet to come. You can enjoy the benefits with just one tap.

Unlimited Entries

You can make an infinite amount of entries in the random name picker spin. Suppose you're trying to make a single choice between a whole class, this wheel spinner has got you covered

Shuffle List

With the Shuffle button, you can mix up the list with a random sequence so that nobody can make smart guessing or predictions about the output.

Remove Winners

Once you get a winner, you can remove the name of it, and the left with remain as they were before. This way you can shorten the list after every output

Private History

There will be no save history button or any way to check the previous results. So, the wheel of the name will be anonymous and the results will vanish once you close the tab

Random Guesses

Nobody can make any guess about what's going to come up in the output, because once you spin the wheel the algorithm will choose a random entry out of the given options with no fixed scenario.

The working process of this wheel of name is too easy to understand. You don't have to follow any long process or wait for anything to happen. Just open the website where the wheel spinner is located, on the right side you'll get options to make entries. Write the options and let the wheel deliver you a random result. To understand it in a better way let's walk through the step-by-step procedure.

  • Open the wheel spinner website.
  • You'll see a big wheel spinner and on the right side, you'll find some blank area to make entries.
  • Write all your available options into there, you can add more with the + button if you want to.
  • Once you're done with the option, you'll see that your entries are already reflected on the wheel.
  • Tap on the wheel to make it a spin.
  • In the end, when it stops, you'll get an output from the following entries.
  • If you're playing a game you can add a score with a +1 vote, or if it's a random name picker, you can remove the name with the other option.
  • That's it for now.

There are many reasons in which you can use this wheel of name tool, the best we can elaborate for now is, to play the truth & dare game.
Write your friend's name and spin the wheel to see who's going to be the first scapegoat.
Make a list of all the dares and let the wheel spinner decide which dare is the best for the victim.

If you're playing hard on yourself and confused between the yes and no situation. Let it be on this wheel generator. Make a Yes or No wheel and spin it to check what the internet says about your problem.

There are many more working examples we can drop right now, but it all depends on how you're going to use it. So, be wise about your decisions because it's just an entertainment spin don't use it for serious relationship purposes.

Is there any algorithm behind this wheel spinner?
The algorithm is designed to pick a random entry out of all available options. There is no fixed speed of wheel spinner or any partiality criteria for any entry. You'll get a random result every time you spin the wheel.

How many names can we enter in the random name picker wheel?
There is no fixed limit, make the list as long as you can and the wheel generator will work smoothly even after 100s of entries. Make sure you don't make duplicate entries because this can mess up your game.

What's the best use of this tool?
You can make a Yes or No Wheel to take quick decisions for fandom situations. As the result will be random you already are confused, so, it's good to go way to use this wheel of names to get started with.